प्रेरणा पुरुष
स्वामी विवेकानन्द

Our Motto

The motto of National Service Scheme is NOT ME BUT YOU.

Our Vision

To develop a democratic society with equality by supporting 'Social Service' without expectation and keeping sympathy for 'All Living Being' by accommodating each other's angle of opinion.

Our Mission

To foster enthusiasm and high moral values in students especially NSS volunteers through the activities, orientation programmes and camps. To develop students' personality by Involving them (volunteers) in planning, decision making, organizing and execution of the activities of the unit.

7 Day Camp Guidelines

Various Camps in NSS

I) 7 Day Camp at the Organizational level:-

It is Mandatory for the NSS unit of all the institutions to conduct the 7 Day camp in the town of "God" (गोद ). This is a residential camp where students carry out the activities according to a planned routine starting from getting up in the morning till going to bed in the night. A maximum of 50 students can participate in this camp at once. All the funds required for the camp, including all the arrangements for the stay of 50 students, as well as their meals, breakfast, tea and all other contingencies amounting up to Rs.22500 per student are granted by the government. A written statement of these expenses needs to be submitted in the NSS cell of the respective Universities within a period of 7 days post the completion of the 7 days camp.

II) District Level Camp:-

This Camp is organized for about 100-250 students selected from across the district in which each unit of the district holds a specific quota. This Camp also is a 7 Day Camp.

III) University Level Camp :-

This Camp is a 7 Day Residential camp for around 400-500 selected students from different units of NSS coming under the purview of University.

IV) State Level Camp:-

This is a 7 Day Camp for for around 500-600 selected students from differents units of NSS over Madhya Pradesh.